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Work it Services!

Our company specializes in full services for residential and rental; which include services such as property management, cleaning services, concierge and house maintenance for homeowners in Mykonos, Greece.

Established in 1999, we were the first property management company in Mykonos to offer such services to homeowners, and today we still remain the most experienced, original and best available on the island.

Work it “Welcome home” Services …

Let us turn on the lights for you, set the heat or air to the proper comfort level, stock the fridge with your favorite items and have the pantry filled with the items you will need while you are at visiting or renting out your property in Mykonos.

Set the pool to the proper temperature, just ready for you to dive in. Provide your property with fresh flowers and products from your favorite local market to greet you.

Making dinner reservations for you at your favorite Mykonos dining spot, or perhaps a private chef set-up to create a memorable meal for you and your guests at home.

A massage appointment booked at your favorite spa or perhaps a screened professional set-up to provide you with first class spa treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Let us take care of these details for you so that you can relax and enjoy your beautiful Mykonos home from the moment you walk through the door…

Using Work It Services means that my family and I have complete freedom to enjoy our holiday home and precious vacation time just as we choose, not having laundry or house maintenance.

As a foreigner who doesn’t speak much Greek they are invaluable to hassle-free existence on the island.

I couldn’t own a property here in Mykonos without their support!

Katherine Rowen

British Property Owner

Helen, Maria and their team take good care of our house and help us each time we need a service, a contact, …
They are reliable, trustworthy, efficient and pleasant .
I highly recommend them!

Olga Bensadoun

Property Owner

Work It Services sold my home on Mykonos with the minimum fuss and hassle. They were always a pleasure to deal with and were particularly good at keeping me informed of progress on email whist remaining helpful a professional throughout.

I highly recommend them.

Jonathan Friedman

South African Owner

The staff at WorkIt Services take excellent care of our home while we’re away, and prepare it beautifully for our arrival each time.
They pay attention to detail (caring for particular plants in the garden, monitoring repair projects, etc.) – certainly more than we’ve experienced with other house-minders!
We really appreciate receiving their email updates! It gives us great peace of mind, knowing they are looking after things.

Margaret Stott

Property Owner

Helen and her daughter are great team.
Their work is very professional and at the same time well coordinated with the needs of the owner and his house.
Looking forward to my next season in Mykonos.

Stella Anastasatos

Greek Property Owner

While You’re Away…

Let us tie up any lose ends from your last visit or rental, and ensure everything is ready before your return.

We can arrange for service providers to take care of any of those fixes that a home invariably needs, repair people can be arranged for and met – service providers can be let in and follow-up with to ensure your needs are being accommodated. Home systems can be tested and run to ensure that they function properly when you arrive. Basic household staple supplies can be replenished to appropriate stock levels so you never have to worry about running out of the essential items you need.

Personal shopping for your special needs all with a simple phone call or e-mail and waiting for you when you arrive home.

Let us follow up with the cleaning service to ensure the house is always fresh when you get home, let us be an extra set of eyes there to ensure that you are being well served and that you home is being maintained to your standards everyday!

We are a trusted local contact to accept deliveries or to meet guests when you are away, as well as a local alarm contact to check on your home while you are away. We can provide the most simple off services to very detailed project oversight…

We treat your home as we do our own, and are proud to see our loyal clientele returning year after year, after a decade of trading, as well as welcoming new clients each season.

We stick to our motto ‘Let Us “Work it” For You’ ! Nothing is too much trouble for us…

So why don’t you join us, and we help you ‘Work It

Helen and The Work it team
Hope to see You Soon in Mykonos!


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